DIY Body Sprays with Essential Oils

  I love the feeling of cool mist on my skin, especially when scented with flowers and citrus and earth. As a teenager, I collected bottles of perfume and reveled in the transformative magic that aroma inspires. Soft honeyed amber, light fruity florals, and spicy evergreen woods set the mood each morning before I adventured out into the world. What I didn't know then was that these aromatic experiences I treasured so much…were actually synthetic. When I learned the truth about commercial perfumes and body sprays, I was heartbroken. For years, I had been spraying myself with potentially toxic petrochemicals, some of which are known allergens and hormone disruptors. Isn't it interesting that the ingredients aren't listed on all of those pretty […]

New in the Shop: Organic Horseradish Extract

  We are pleased to add organic horseradish extract to our line of handmade tinctures. Horseradish is a favorite ingredient in Fire Cider thanks to its hot, spicy, stimulating flavor. It provides diaphoretic action and can open up respiratory passages with just a whiff of the fresh-cut root! We love to have several preparations of this potent plant at our fingertips during the fall and winter seasons. Our certified organic horseradish extract is created in small batches using only the freshest roots and certified organic alcohol. The horseradish root, when left intact, has hardly any aroma at all. However, when cut or grated, enzymes from the broken plant cells help create the distinctive aroma of horseradish and become a pungent source of […]

Herb Stories: How We Protect Trillium

We are so excited to share this post from our upcoming Free Herbalism Project speaker Susan Leopold, PhD.! Susan is an ethnobotanist and passionate defender of biodiversity. Over the past 20 years, Susan has worked extensively with indigenous peoples in Peru and Costa Rica. She is the Executive Director of United Plant Savers and Director of the Sacred Seeds Project. Prior to working at United Plant Savers, she worked as a librarian at the Oak Spring Garden Library, specializing in digitizing rare herbals and botanical travel manuscripts. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Botanical Dimensions and the Center for Sustainable Economy. She is an advisory board member of American Botanical Council. She is a proud member of […]

Labor Day Sale – Get 30% Off Aromatherapy!

  We're celebrating summer's end with pure botanical bliss!  Don't miss your chance to save big on these aromatic favorites. Stock up now to create your own body mists, diffuser blends, massage oils, perfume blends, hair care formulas, natural cleaning solutions, and so much more with high-quality organic essential oils and flower waters. You can find recipes for them all on the blog! Take 30% OFF this incredible selection of aromatherapy products including organic essential oils, hydrosols, diffusers, and candles!    Labor Day  Aromatherapy Sale   Starts now through September 6!  

New Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract!

  We are so excited to introduce our Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract! This extract is a labor of love and comes from a unique partnership between Mountain Rose Herbs, United Plant Savers, the PCO Forest Grown Verification Program, and dedicated herb growers in Appalachia. Due to the decline of American ginseng and other wild forest botanicals, this program was created to encourage conservation through cultivation. This groundbreaking project brings us organically grown ginseng that is nurtured in its native woodland habitat. The roots and leaves are sustainably harvested from private forests that are stewarded by farmers dedicated to preserving this important plant for the future. Prepared separately, both the organic ginseng roots and leaves are extracted in organic grain […]

DIY: Herbal Tattoo Balm

  I’ve gotten a few tattoos in my day and always question the quality of those over-the-counter ointments I'm handed at the tattoo parlor. Of course, the artists are trying to keep us safe while healing, but who needs petroleum products after that kind of skin trauma? We all know that taking sweet care of your tattoo after getting inked helps improve the life and vibrancy of the artwork. Why not skip the pre-packaged stuff for some herbal infused oils and non-GMO vitamin e oil woven together with beeswax and moisturizing botanical butters? This recipe is the best treat for your skin to protect that new piece!      Botanical Tattoo Balm Recipe Ingredients 1 Tbsp organic calendula infused oil 1 Tbsp organic plantain infused oil 1 Tbsp organic Oregon grape root infused oil (learn how to make your own!) 2 Tbsp organic refined shea or organic […]